Summer Well Experience


I guess you already heard this on all blogs, but…Summer Well Festival was amazing! Why? Because it really was! So many reasons for that: true festival atmosphere, amazing people (and well dressed, most of them), huge bands playing, a lot of youth expressing themselves through great outfits and great weather. Attending for the first time Summer Well festival,  I actually expected more people to be there…or maybe I didn’t get the whole picture of the event, the true meaning of it. But once again, it was worth going for me.

Very well organised, the Festival gave us the feeling of an International Festival. Because you could also benefit of a Camping area, next year we said we would go, not by car, but camping. Not a great deal for me being the driver, but i still had fun till 4 am and danced to my favorite songs.

I really enjoyed the music, one of my favorite bands were Oh Wonder on Day 2 and Editors on Day 3. Let’s not forget Bucharest Symphony Orchestra from Day 1. They sounded really good. To show you how i felt there please check out the pictures and get a small piece from the festival.

Thank you Zaful for providing me one of my outfits for this event, a white dress with floral print and falling sleeves, worn in a great landscape. More on