A night in Tuzla


Hello my friends..Long time no posts from me :). Are you enjoying this summer ? I am loving it and trying to enjoy to the maximum every experience.

Last week I went camping with my friends at Tuzla. If you don’t really know where this is actually located, I will share with you exactelly:

So the road to Tuzla only takes 2 hours from Bucharest and when you reach your destination you may have to drive around 2-3 km on an unpaved road, but when you’re there, believe me, it’s worth it. What I love about this beach is that everything is so simple. There is no brain fatigue on selecting your food choices, because there are no restaurants, maybe just one or two, but I will let you discovered it when you get there. What you can definitely eat is pancakes or boiled corn. Another thing that I love is that the beach is small , with few people so you can “install” yourself next to the water so your view is gonna be great.

I decided with my friends to go camping so we can have a real seaside experience (whatever that means). Bellow, you can see our view from the tent, which by the way, I discovered that is not that easy to install, with 0 background experience. After turning the tent upside down maybe for one hour, we finally made it, luckily I have persistant friends. But we had a great view, don’t you think ?

The water looks great in this picture, but I didn’t had a good swim because of the algaes and because of the big waves. But maybe if you are a good swimmer, it will be ok (the lifeguards are on the beach :)). If you go North along the beach you will get to the private beach of Cochilia, and even further you will get to a nice pier where you can take some great shots. I had a lot of fun, I haven’t been camping in 15 years maybe, but I think I’ll do that again. Hope to convince my friends to repeat this experience <3.