How to start a good summer

A holiday, no matter where you spent it, or what’s your budget, you must make a small plan for it. I thought of 8 things to do this summer (And I will actually make it):

  1. Don’t make any plans for one day:) if you have a day off in the middle of the week (as I have right now) make your plan in the morning when you are rested, enjoy a coffee for 2 hours, speak on the phone for another 2 hours with friends and than think about your health, I mean how your body is actually doing. Is it perfectly healthy? If no, then do something about it to improve its current state. Continue your day with a walk to the market and feel the street vibes (even if you live in a small neighborhood in Bucharest).
  2. Go to a festival I have chosen for this summer a local festival “Summerwell”. I am not sure how is going to be, cause I’ve never been to any previous edition. You will find there great music, interesting people. Check the Festival here:
  3. Go to the sea side for 3 days – I cannot fin a reason to stay more at the Black sea:)
  4. Enjoy the weekends in your favorite night club in Bucharest (I’m not going to say which one is mine, cause I don’t wan’t to advertise it).
  5. Participate to your best friends weddings (even if you don’t know if they will ever return the joy when it will happen to you also).
  6. Eat blueberries (I loooove blueberries!!)
  7. Get some tan at the swimming pool, but don’t exaggerate with that. Burning skin is overrated.
  8. Take some tango lessons (I’m starting in July)
    Follow me and at the end of summer I will let you know if I accomplished the entire list.

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