Stilistul112 is a blog made of passion for being in contact with people that  love fashion or simply with people that are spending more than one hour in front of the closet, wondering: What should I wear today?

I wanna share my ideas of  how to wear clothes day by day, cheap clothes that sometimes I make them myself. Since I was 13 I had my own seamstress whom ”I tortured” so many times until the clothes were like I wanted to be. For example I was going  to her with a blouse and asked her to make it a skirt.  Anything that passed throw my mind it had to come true.

Lately I have traveled a lot so you also can discover the amazing places I have visited.  I lived in France for 1 year and a half, so I can be closer to one of the world’s fashion capitals, Paris (je t’aime). I am planning to dedicate my future time writing for you.

I have always imagined myself creating ideas in fashion, even though I am inspired by others, I play everyday with my clothes and try to make special outfits.

I hope you enjoy my articles and don’t hesitate to contact me if  you have questions or if you find yourself  in an 112 emergency in creating your daily outfit.

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