Turquish delight


Hello you loves!

Long time no heard on my blog, but I’ve decided to catch up with you guys. So let me tell you about my trip to Istanbul, maybe this could be useful if you decide to travel there.

Istanbul it’s an amazing city to explore. There is so much contrast on the streets that you will adore the atmosphere, the colors and especially the smell of good food and spices. Every step you take, your eyes are experiencing history and tradition. You will see so much diversity, from people dressed traditionally to modern buildings and fancy cars.

I’ve seen so many great places here: mosques, parks, museums, bridges and restaurants. You’ve all heard about Bosphorus or Galata bridges. These great structures which connect the Asian part of Istanbul to the European one, were supposed I guess to make transportation easier. Well actually…not really :D. Our first ride in Istanbul (me and my sis) was by bus which literally stopped on a small street because we didn’t had enough space to pass through because of the cars parked randomly. If you want to use public transportation then it’s good to buy a card (like our ratb card) which can be bought from the supermarkets, and it’s cheaper this way. If you decide though to go by Uber or taxi it’s pretty cheap also, prices are similar to the ones in Bucharest.

One of the best attraction of this city are the mosques. They look amazing and you can find it easier by tram or metro, or you can even walk on the streets of Istanbul, depending on where your accommodation is. We stayed in Taksim, very close to the modern center, but in order to get to the main touristic objective you need to take the bus from here.

I almost forgot! As soon as you land in Istanbul, buy a mobile card. Fees here are crazy and you will need internet if you’re not so good with the traditional maps 😀

Another great thing about this city is the food….when I think about Istanbul, I just dream about the food from there and I fell I’ve reached Heaven. From delicious breakfasts to amazing kebabs and deserts, I do believe this city is one of the great places to eat. We never planned or searched for reviews for the restaurants, we just went along the way and we’ve never been disappointed.  I recommend kebab in restaurants especially, it’s so tasty and different that the one served in any other country. As desert, don’t miss the amazing milk and rice named sutlac, gullac and of course the famous baclava. After all meals you will be served with tea that tastes so good, being more popular then coffee here. If you like a good coffee, maybe Istanbul it’s not the best place to try some.

The night life is crazy, especially in Taksim, it’s full of people on the streets with such a good vibe, bars are full until the morning during the weekend.

If you get to Istanbul you must visit the Bazar and…shop! Be careful thought, there are some vendors which spice up the prices really bad. During the weekend, the market it’s so full that you will find yourself in a very crowded place.

So in the end, Istanbul can be whatever you had in mind for your holiday, though if you though of relaxing…hmm, that will be a little hard because of the crazy city vibe.