Day 1 in Maramu

Hi guys! Today I write about Maramures, a lovely region of Romania, maybe the best one. I was here in August, for 4 days with friends. I left from the south of Romania and passed through cities like Valcea- Sibiu- Cluj- Caran-Sebes- Alba Iulia. It’s a 9 hours road by car, but it’s really worthed! These pictures are taken in Vadul Izei, at Barsana monastery, an unique monument by its architecture. The tradition is that on 15 August, when we celebrate the Holiday St. Marie, everybody goes to the church dressed in the traditional region costume. It was funny how tourists asked to take a picture as if we belong to that place since ever. Keep following the story to Maramu’ county!

DSC_0088 DSC_0099


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