Enjoying the old city!


Where does everybody go when they come to Bucharest? To the Old City, of course.
Here you can find such a nice atmosphere with people at every corner, open bars, food, drinks, noise and from time to time some art.
Art is expressed through boemic shadows of the impetuos old buildings, full of history, through collourfull creative people, you know, those people that make you wanna live, just by smiling at you, by those people that put their form of understanding things into works of art, paintings, meaningfull shaping things.
People show their identity though clothes. And where can you see these identities mingle? Here, in the Old City.
Where can i prepare last ,,adjustments” that complete my outfit? Here on this alive balcony, full of collours.
So, let’s get dressed and go for a lemonade, shall we?!
Express yourself through clothes, and accesorize, of course. 🙂


The 112 list:

Glow jacket

Mango jeans

H&M shoes

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