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Aceste poze au fost facute in Sibiu, un oras din Romania care este foarte  cunoscut. In 2007 a fost desemnat Capitala Europeana impreuna cu Luxembourg. M-am bucurat de frumoasa arhitectura romana pe care o intalnesti pe mai toate strazile, de expozitiile de arta, muzee, teatre. ceainarii dragute.  Mi a placut foarte mult acest oras,  si chiar daca nu a fost foarte cald, asta nu m-a impiedicat sa port pantaloni scurti.:)

These pictures were taken in Sibiu, a city in Romania that is very famous. In 2007 it was chosen to be Europeean Capital with Luxembourg. I had enjoyed the beautiful roman architectures that you can find all over the streets, art exhibitions, museums, theaters, nice tea houses. There are a few examples of what can you do in Sibiu. I really enjoyed visiting this city even if the weather wasn’t that good and stopped me from wearing my spring shorts.:)



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