Purple love

Let me tell you about the weekend I just had. I told you it’s going to be a hot summer! I have traveled to Bulgaria and thought about taking some pictures there. We found this beautiful place with lavender flowers. What a great view it was! Instead of searching for new nice places in Bucharest, struggling with the heat, I’ve decided to relax outside of the city, at almost 300 km away, just around the corner, right?  I loved the way the lavender colors reflected in all photos, it changes the entire view. You can see it in these photos below. It was hard choosing an outfit to match its beauty. The best thing about this place, besides the fact that it is amazing for taking photos is that you can go 30 minutes, by car, and you’ll find at least 3 beaches to visit, with amazing view, close to it. More about these places coming up in the next posts.

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