Refreshed chemisier

What to do when you feel like you don’t have anything to wear? I had this problem the other days, when I was staring at my closet and realized that I have a lot of clothes but nothing cool to wear. Sometimes we have this feeling because our closet is too cramped or because our clothes need a ”refresh”. So I start taking out all the clothes that I don’t wear because either they make me too skinny or too short. So I’ve tried to modify my clothes so they reach the shape that I like.  For example I took this chemisier that used to be a very large one and made it in a sailor style with large sleeves and a straight cut.  So I added to my outfitt a vintage bag which I payed 3 $! from a vintage store from Bucharest and a pair of shorts from New Yorker. So stop spending all your money on clothes because I’m sure they are plenty in your closet.


DSC_0220DSC_0205DSC_0209 DSC_0225DSC_0240

The 112 list:

Vintage shirt

Zara shorts

H&M shoes


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