Summer Well Experience

I guess you already heard this on all blogs, but…Summer Well Festival was amazing! Why? Because it really was! So many reasons for that: true festival atmosphere, amazing people with good fashion sense, huge bands playing. Attending for the first time Summer Well festival,  I actually expected more people to be there…or maybe I didn’t get the whole picture of the event. But once again, it was worth going for me.

Very well organised, It gave me the feeling of attending an International Festival. I really enjoyed the music, one of my favorite bands were Oh Wonder on Day 2 and Editors on Day 3. Let’s not forget Bucharest Symphony Orchestra from Day 1. They sounded really great. To show you how I felt there please check out the pictures and get a small piece from the event.

Thank you Zaful for one of my outfits, a white dress with floral print and falling sleeves, check more on:

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