Trends I won’t give up

Let me say that I cannot express what is like to take a photo shooting on a cold winter in Romania:), but what I can say is what I am keeping in my wardrobe this year. For the begging what I’m definitely not throwing away and actually buy more are the jewelries like pendants, statement necklaces or estate earrings. It is so simple to wear minimal clothes and accessorize it with some nice jewelry.

Also for this year I am keeping the so called “a bit more loose clothes” which means long skirts, silk blouses, cardigans or oversized coats. We must also continue with references to the 60s and 70s. I will definitely not be shy on wearing outside lingerie like the top that I am wearing in these pictures.

So what are you keeping this year in your closet?

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The 112 list:

1.H&M top

2.Zara skirt

3. Local store statement



  1. Gorgeous skirt, love this look!

  2. Thank you!
    You also have an amazing blog!

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