What do you think about the vintage style or….Zara clothes? Can you imagine I’m all dressed from head to toe in Zara clothes (that’s a little bit lack of imagination, right) ?

This is because I was challenged by the Big three in the fashion area (Ovidiu Buta, Irina Markovits and Maurice Munteanu) to wear only two colors on a contest for a stylist job in Baneasa mall.  I think they liked it, regarding the fact that I was selected for the third test, but than I don’t know what happened:) Anyways, it was “mission accomplished !”

See the videos from the contest here:

Makeup by:


_-165_-162 _-166_-161



  1. Hey Niky. You are absolutely gorgeous. I really like this vintage look. Good choice ! Keep up the good work!

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